Hybrid Information and Test Drive Day

Toyota Hybrid Awareness Day at Airport Business Park
Lehane Motors provided information on Hybrid and EV technology in Toyota cars to the employees at Airport Business Park on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th of May!!

Hybrid Information Day

On Thursday 16th and Friday 17th May 2019, the Lehane Motors team provided Toyota Hybrid and EV technology information to the employees at Airport Business Park.

Lots of Hybrid Awareness was generated on the days and loads of attention was given to the new Toyota Hybrid Range.

We had 5 Hybrid Model Vehicles on display and everyone with a driving licence was offered a test drive in a Hybrid Vehicle of their choice.A number of test drives were completed throughout the course of the two days and we were extremely happy with the response. 

Hybrid Information Day

Many questions were fielded around Toyota Self-Charging Hybrids including:

* whether the vehicles needed to be plugged in to be recharged

* the fuel economy performance

*  the battery life

*  replacement costs

*  service and maintenance costs

*  future values of cars

*  suitability for rural driving as well as long distance driving and commutes

*  the future of Hybrid

* diesel and electric vehicles

It was our first time ever being involved with an undertaking like the Hybrid Information & Test Drive day and we were delighted by the response to all aspects of Hybrid Technology and Driving Experience by the Airport Business Park employees!