How Toyota's Safety Sense is Revolutionising Driving

Toyota’s Safety Sense system, developed to help reduce car accidents worldwide, does exactly that, anticipating and preventing accidents in an ingenious way.

Car accidents are a frightening prospect, which we all try hard to avoid. But what if there was a way in which your car could help you to avoid a crash? Toyota’s Safety Sense system, developed to help reduce car accidents worldwide, does exactly that, anticipating and preventing accidents in an ingenious way.

There are approximately over 190 fatalities due to road accidents in the ROI each year and Cork has an especially high rate of collisions. With many serious injuries also occurring as a result of traffic accidents, it’s a big problem and one that Toyota takes very seriously. The new Safety Sense system works to increase driver awareness and provide a protective back-up in extreme situations, lowering the risk of collisions across a wide range of traffic situations.

What Is Toyota’s Safety Sense?

Toyota’s Safety Sense is comprised of several different systems and devices within your car that are specifically designed to keep you, your passengers, and other road users safe. Technologically outstanding and proven to reduce risk of accidents and injury, Safety Sense gives you peace of mind and helps to make driving less stressful for you.

So How Does It Work?

The Safety Sense system includes the following elements:

  1. Pre Collision System (PCS). This function detects objects ahead of the vehicle at speeds of 10-80km/h and reduces the risk of hitting the car in front. If there is a risk of collision, the driver is prompted to brake with both visual and audible alerts and the brake system is primed to deliver extra stopping force when the brake pedal is pressed.
  2. Emergency braking. For vehicles equipped with a millimetre-wave radar, the PCS system has the significant enhancement that if the driver fails to react to the warnings, the Safety Sense system will automatically apply the brakes, reducing the speed of the vehicle by approximately 30 km/h or even stopping the car completely to prevent a collision or reduce the force of impact.
  3. Lane Departure Alert (LDA). This feature is designed to heighten driver awareness by raising the alarm if the vehicle veers towards another lane, reducing the risk of collision or accident.
  4. Road Sign Assist (RSA) Some models will include this function, which scans for important information, such as speed limits, and informs the driver of these.
  5. Automatic High Beam (AHB) Automatically detecting approaching vehicles and dipping your headlights, and restoring full beam when possible, this is a great tool to make driving less stressful.
  6. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Available in vehicles with a millimetre-wave radar, this is another useful feature which will enhance your driving experience and allow you to relax as your car does all the hard work.

Try Toyota Safety Sense For Yourself With a Test Drive Today!

Come along and experience the difference Safety Sense can make to your driving experience with a test drive in a new Toyota. You can book a test drive online or pop into our friendly showrooms on the Airport Road, Cork to see the stunning new models for yourself.

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