Where to service your car in Cork?

Toyota and Lexus Car Service Cork
The servicing and maintenance of your vehicle is of major concern to us at Lehane Motors. Thanks to our highly trained and experienced technicians, specialist service advisors and the use of quality genuine parts we can assure that you will experience trouble free motoring through Cork city and county! We have an award winning service team, recently crowned Toyota After sales dealer of the year 2018.

Trained and Experienced Technicians

Car servicing and maintenance is performed by our highly trained and experienced technicians. These auto technicians have been tested and trained to assure that each understands how your chosen vehicle is built and the specific technology used in the vehicle should operate.

While each of these technicians is certified, they are also required to continuously train and complete certification programs, so they remain knowledgeable on the latest techniques in the auto industry. These certifications require retesting to ensure that our technicians have knowledge on the latest technology and skills necessary to repair vehicles like Toyota, Lexus and other car makes and models!

Trained and Experienced Technicians

Specialist Service Advisors

Our specialist service advisors continue to keep track of your vehicle’s ongoing service and repair history to assure that your vehicle only receives the services or repairs that are needed. This assures that you will save large amounts of money in the long run.

Specialist Service Advisors

Quality Genuine Parts

To assure that your vehicle operates at its peak level, Lehane Motors also providies only quality original equipment manufactured (OEM) parts for each model. If your vehicle is under warranty the cost is waived. If this warranty is no longer valid, you can ensure that the investment is worth it as an OEM part is guaranteed to last longer than the average bargain-counter part. Only Genuine Toyota Parts  and accessories sold. 

We have a dedicated parts department where quality genuine parts and tyres are always available. We also offers an extensive range of genuine manufacture accessories, designed specifically for your car.

Quality Genuine Parts

Courtesy Car Service

If your vehicle must spend a few more hours with us, Lehane Motors car service offers courtesy chauffer service throughout Cork city. We are here to assure that both you and your vehicle receive the best service possible, including taking you where you need to go, regardless of the time of day, as your vehicle receives the needed repairs that are needed.

Schedule Service

Although we know that it is easier to delay scheduling car maintenance, the longer you wait the more hardship you are doing to your vehicle. You can easily book a car service online with the simple click of a button to assure that this and all of your future projects are completed with help from your long lasting vehicle. Don’t forget to check out Toyota's ongoing Service Special Offers as well to keep a few more bills in your pocket.

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